Why learn to dive? It is a fantastic way to escape the worries of the day and just relax.

Welcome to the Diving Training and Facilities website!

Welcome to the Diving Training and Facilities website.

People all over the world have learned to dive, so there is no reason why you can’t also. Diving is becoming a rapidly expanding leisure pursuit. It is available for people of every age to learn how to do, and they are turning to it with a broad range of motivations, which include sightseeing, relaxation, travel, photography, adventure and many other reasons.

There is no checklist for what it takes to become a diver. Divers can come from any walk of life, but most share the desire to learn to something that is a little bit different, as well as the desire to see more of one of the most beautiful parts of our world.

Scuba divers heap praise on dedicated Alun
A DEDICATED scuba diver from Llanelli has scooped a top award in recognition of his support for his club.

There is a long-standing process in place for anyone to follow if they want to learn how to dive safely for recreational reasons. Your training will revolve around your local dive training facility. Taking a journey out to see your local dive training facility is a good idea before you start out, just so you can get a feel for the place, the process, and get any questions you may have answered by a professional. Once you are satisfied that diving is for you, all that remains is for you to sign up to a beginner’s course.

If you have any questions regarding dive training and facilities, please don’t hesitate to drop us an email or give us a call.

The exemptions for scientific and public safety diving have limited some groups' exposure to both the regulations and the techniques that allow teams to safely conduct operations in compliance with commercial diving standards.

This training program informs and provides reference material for candidates in the techniques, history, and reasoning behind their establishment, allowing another available resource divers can tap.

Welcome to the Diving Training and Facilities website

Why learn to dive? It is a fantastic way to escape the worries of the day and just relax. The training process is actually fun, so take your time and don’t rush through the experience. You’ll meet lots of new people, who will be similarly interested in trying new things. Remember, diving is a social activity too.

If there is anything to do with diving that you wish to know more about but that we have not covered, please contact our dive training experts.

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